Wedding Bells Assortmen- 25 Pack by Sola Wood Flowers

Wedding Bells Assortmen- 25 Pack by Sola Wood Flowers

This Wedding Bells assortment is just the perfect combination of light pastel colors. The variety of pinks with the more neutral Wheat and Hazelnut colors make it a beautiful, subtle assortment that would be ideal for crafts and decor.  In this assortment, you will get different types of wood flowers in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches. Easily attach stems to this assortment to create a beautiful sola wood flowers bouquet or centerpiece. Or, glue the flowers to a wood cutout or accent a wood print. There is no end to the possibilities with this pretty assortment!  If you need a large number of flowers, please reach out for a special order.

Colors used: Hazelnut, Wheat, Rose Quartz, Rosewood and Powder Pink. 

Please note - the combination of flowers you receive may not be exactly as pictured. The number of flowers, and the colors in the assortment, will remain the same.


Sola Wood Flowers is located in Ogden, Utah.