Village Thrive loves the traditional Balinese sarong so much that they set out with the hopes to modernize it and therefore highlight it's beauty and utilitarian design. They gave it a new look with playful and elegant custom designs while staying true to the traditional craftsmanship of each piece. This textile can be worn in endless ways, used to dress up an outfit or spruce up your space! Can be worn as a wrap in the summer, a scarf in the fall or hung as a tapestry on your’s a beautiful statement, handmade with love in Bali, Indonesia that tells a story of generations of craft and culture.
Dimensions: 66" l x 42" w
Care instructions: Gentle wash cycle / hang to dry
Materials: 100% Rayon
All Natural Dyes


Village Thrive is a Woman Owned Company based in Monmouth, Oregon.

Moon Phase Tapestry by Village Thrive