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A gentle weight and light aroma with no light peaking in and you will find yourself a bit more calm, more at ease. Your breath steadies and slows, draws out and lengthens. With each exhale a little stress leaves your body as your muscles release their tension.
You become more mindful, focused on the rhythm of your breathing. Whether your intention is meditation, prayer or simply a few moments of rest, it is closer now, well within your reach.
This Lavender Eye Pillow is a wonderful gift for those who regularly practice yoga or meditation or anyone who enjoys using aromatherapy for rest and relaxation. 

Ingredients: 100% cotton flannel, organic lavender flowers and organic flax seed.

Directions for Use: Simply spritz with water and heat in the microwave for 30 - 45 seconds. If you prefer a little extra heat, then continue to heat on high in 20-second increments. To use as a cold compress place in the freezer one hour before using.  A nice complimentary item to their lavender neck wraps!


Whispering Willows is located in Denver, North Carolina.

Lavender Eye Pillow by Whispering Willow

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