Classic Irish Coffee Packet by Trail Toddy

Classic Irish Coffee Packet by Trail Toddy

A backcountry take on the classic cocktail!  Enjoy a strong coffee taste balanced with a bit of sweetness from molasses and honey.
Organic heavy cream powder gives this Classic Irish Coffee a rich consistency, and the addition of real vanilla bean a wonderful taste and aroma. Lastly, they added a pinch of cocoa powder and sea salt to highlight and bring all the flavors together.

Add 8oz of hot water to brew and 1.5 oz of Irish Whiskey, if desired.
Ingredients: Can Sugar, heavy cream powder, coffee, cocoa powder, molasses, honey, vanilla, sea salt, locust bean cum and silicon dioxide.
Delightfully made with:
Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt Tillamook, OR
Feliz! Organic Freeze-Dried Coffee Portland, OR

Product Weight 2 oz, so it's easy to take anywhere!


Trail Toddy is located in Tillamook, Oregon