Chemical-Free Baby Gift Set by Laguna Herbals

Chemical-Free Baby Gift Set by Laguna Herbals

This organic baby set was inspired when the founders son was allergic to all commercial products. He would break out into a rash from all products that were even labeled as natural. All of our baby products have a limited ingredient panel and are crafted with 100% natural and organic ingredients from nature that won't disrupt the skin's barrier and provide healing and protection for baby's delicate skin. This set comes in a beautiful yet simple pure white sack that is perfect to give as an eye catching baby bundle that is perfect for gift giving!



3.5 oz  "Sprinkle" natural, talc free baby powder with gentle lavender and ylang ylang scent (one of their best sellers!).

4 oz  "Baby Soft" baby oil in a dreamy lavender scent.

4.4 oz  "Butter Me Up" baby body butter to moisturize and protect.  Natural cocoa/coconut scent.

2 oz  "Bum & Body" balm, perfect for rash prone skin, in calming lavender scent.


Laguna Herbals is a woman owned company located in Laguna Beach, California.




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