Beautiful, isn't it?  Rich, eye catching tri color jewel tone colors are accented with metallic flecks of hand crushed raw pyrite creating this bold 18k gold plated brass statement ring. The ring features turquoise, amethyst and moonstone. Moonstone stabilizes emotions by encouraging calmness while raw pyrite inspires creativity, protects against harm or danger as well as enhances assertive energies. Amethyst has properties is known to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions.


Please note: many of our designs use raw brass and may tarnish over time when coming into contact with natural oils from handling, or coming into contact with water. It is normal for some flecks of pyrite to flake off over time with normal wear and tear. Mother Nature rarely duplicates itself so the configuration of the crystals or minerals may vary slightly from those pictured.



Dynamo is a woman-owned company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Boho Raw Stone Gold Plated Adjustable Ring by Dynamo