This all natural brush is made from soft, goat bristles that are handmade with love and perfectly safe for newborns, toddlers and kids.

Helps prevent cradle cap by using  premium grade goat bristles which help in evenly distributing hair oil for a healthier and cleaner scalp. With daily scalp massages, it can help to prevent or reduce cradle cap from building up and also protecting your baby's soft spot.

Suitablefor wet or dry hair and comes with 100% cotton string attached to the hair brush for hanging to dry, if needed.

Brushing your baby's scalp daily can help with blood circulation and relaxation for your baby before a good night sleep. Keeps your baby happy and healthy!

Perfect baby shower gift for boys and girls.  Comes in a beautiful gift box!


KiaBabies is a woman-owned company in California.

All Natural, Soft Baby Hairbrush by KeaBabies