I was blessed with the ability to retire as an Executive from Costco Wholesale in 2019. I absolutely LOVED my job and was grateful to work for a business that truly cared about their employees and the world around them!

As many people do, I retired to slow life down and spend time with my family and aging parents. COVID made this a bit more difficult, and finding time on my hands, I felt the desire to do what I have always loved and re-enter the world of retail, this time as an owner. But what would make me different?


They say to sell what you love, and after years of being a "mass merchant" in a big box warehouse, I have found my love... supporting woman-owned businesses. The things that women are doing out there are truly amazing! So many strong, devoted women offering beautiful designs and unique gift ideas, many who also give back to their own communities...that's what I want to support. That's what I love to sell!

My hope is that in doing what I love,  it will help other women in doing what they love!

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Gail Harkness

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