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Why Ripple Boutique?

I had an amazing childhood growing up on a small lake in Missouri, enjoyed a number of years off of Flathead Lake in Montana, and am now blessed with living on beautiful water of the Puget Sound in Washington.   In addition, my husband John and I were sailors for many years and love watching the water ripple as the wind powered the boat through the waves. I have always enjoyed living and playing on the water, so Ripple was the perfect reflection of my life!

Our Mission

So many women are juggling responsibilities of raising children, running a household, or taking care of aging parents while trying to help provide financially in the family home.   I wanted Ripple Boutique’s mission to support these women attempting to find balance in their lives while pursuing their dreams as business women and entrepreneurs.

I was a single Mom for many years and an executive within a large corporation.  Finding balance between my career and my tween daughter was extremely difficult for me and I found myself regretting making work such a priority in my life. 


I retired from the corporate life in 2019, giving me time to spend with my aging parents.  Now, as the primary caretaker of my Father, I find myself again, in the exact situation I wanted Ripple Boutique to support...finding balance with my career and my family responsibilities. 


Since I work from my home, I have the freedom to complete orders around my primary responsibilities.  I hope Ripple Boutique can help other women, in some small way, reach their goals as a Woman, Mother, Daughter and a

Business Owner. 

It feels good knowing something you created might be the one thing that makes someone’s day!

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